Lawn area

First we need to know the area of your lawn in square meters.  Drawing your plot(s) on the map tool below will automatically calculate the total area and give us a better idea of where you are and what you want cut should you decide to proceed with the work.

Alternativley you can measure the lawn manually using the guidance at the bottom of this page.  Unless you are confident in your lawn size please use the tool.

Enter your lawn area:
Click proceed to continue with the estimate.

Area measuring tool.

To use this tool first find your lawn on the map above.  Once you have located your lawn click each corner of it, when finished click the first point again and it should show as a filled area on the map.  If you have separate front and back gardens another plot can be added using the 'Draw another plot' button.  If required, the 'Delete all plots' button will allow you to start again.  The total area of all marked plots will automatically added to the lawn area textbox above.

Try to be as accurate as possible when marking your plot boundaries, being a few millimeters out on the screen can make a big difference to the calculated area.

Guidance for measuring your lawn.

  • How long is a metre? About a yard, or approx the length of a normal, average walking pace (not a long stride, nor a short step). Eg, a lawn 5 strides wide, by 10 strides long, = 50m2.
  • Sketch a quick map. Break your lawn into logical sections, and for each section, write down and multiply together that section's width and length. Then, to get the total m2, add together all the sections.
  • Careful with your arithmetic. A common mistake is to lose a zero when multiplying large numbers together. Eg, an area 50m by 50m is not 250m2 - it's 2,500m2.
  • Awkward shapes. A circle, triangle or oblong is trickier than a rectangle. The easiest way is try to imagine how big it would be, if it WERE a rectangle. Approximate measurements of the trickier areas of your lawn are fine, so long as the total's not significantly inaccurate.
  • Only measure the lawn. This may sound obvious, but exclude your house, driveway, etc.